Comics Beyond - Partners
Comics Beyond - Partners

Comics Beyond is a Creative Europe cooperation project between four comics structures: the Brussels Comic Art Museum (Belgium), Amadora BD (Portugal), Rendez-vous BD Amiens (France) and Napoli ComiCon (Italy), in partnership with Escola Joso (Spain), Art Bubble Festival (Denmark) and the Lakes International Comic Arts Festival (United-Kingdom).

Brussels Comic Art Museum – Brussels, Belgium

Opened in 1989, the Comic Art Museum – Brussels (CAMB) is one of the major comics museums in Europe and a must see cultural attraction in Brussels. The CAMB isn’t just a museum! We also organize masterclasses, events, residencies or workshops. Not convinced yet? For the past five years, the CAMB has been developing international cooperation through various means (prospection missions, professional seminars, cooperation projects), from Lebanon to Japan, via the Congo, Cuba and many more. Definitely not just a museum!

Role: Project leader and in charge of the management, transdisciplinary shows and export of the project

Amadora BD / Amadora Municipality – Amadora, Portugal

Amadora BD is the most important comics festival in Portugal. Founded in 1990 and organized by the Municipality of Amadora, it welcomes more than 15,000 visitors every year. In addition to organizing workshops, exhibitions, book launches, autograph sessions, conferences, and guided visits all year round with schools and other educational institutions across the country. Amadora BD holds a 30-year expertise in: comics artistic direction; hosting international delegations; organizing comics workshops and especially in setting up major seminars with professionals. Amadora BD has been involved in international projects since its creation, and was notably part of the France/Portugal Season led jointly by the French Institute and the Portuguese Ministry of Culture.

Role: Responsible of the training camp

On a Marché sur la Bulle – France

On a Marché sur la Bulle is an association which organizes both the Rendez-Vous de la Bande Dessinée of Amiens (3rd Comic Strip Festival in France), but also a resource center made up of an educational service (6 full-time employees) which offers many formats around comic books, focusing on school and adult audiences and book professionals; as well as a Centre dedicated to the creation of exhibitions and tools of mediation in connection with the publishing house “Les éditions de la Gouttière”; supporting projects around comics with various stakeholders (authors, communities, national educational professionals). The festival welcomes 21,000 people each year and it is a key place for promoting the transdisciplinarity of comics: each year, cartoon shows, and music/comics performances are presented at the festival. It’s the only structure in France of this size to work on both the educational dimension, authors’ service, and a major festival.

Role: Responsible of the comics workshops

Visiona / COMICON Napoli – Naples, Italy

Visiona/Comicon Napoli is one of the most productive event creators when it comes to comics-related contents and pop culture in Europe for almost twenty-five years. Every year, COMICON – International Pop Culture Festival attracts more than 170,000 visitors to Naples (Italy) for four days of comics, games and video games, animation and manga, cinema and series televised, which places it among the five largest European pop festivals. Visiona (NCC) also organizes national and international exhibitions, publishes comic books under the COMICON Edizioni label, represents renowned international artists, and its co-founder is in charge of the European Network of Comics Festivals and the RIFF – Rete Italiana Festival Fumetto.

Role: Responsible of communication

Other partners

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